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When children play with play dough, they develop their creativity and vision. In addition to making decisions, and develop independence by playing with it. As children explore, talk, analyze, control, and develop mighty, they develop a wide range of skills. Playing with bio dough is a positive experience for a child when they mould it. For toddlers & preschoolers, we offer a variety of benefits that make it an excellent activity. 

Creative Thinking while playing with play dough

DoughReMom encourages children to create something unique by moulding it into something special. This organic dough comes in unlimited colors, so your kids can create anything they want. By making things from scratch, your children will learn to think differently and expand their creativity. Creative thinking develops when a child has to mould something from an image in their mind. There will always be a difference between what they do and what they see. When children have more experience moulding dough, it will be easier for them to display more detail and creativity. 

Enhances social skills

While playing with this clay dough, your child can practice social skills, with other kids and adults. As children share colors, materials, and tools and spend time talking and helping, they will develop social skills. You can help your children engage with others by asking them about their process while they play. The act of playing is excellent for building self-esteem because there are no right or wrong ways to play with it.

Improves Focus

It helps children develop their attention span, which is one of the most valuable skills for them. When a child plays with a dough set, they must sit still for an important time. Children can prolong their focus span with this activity for a long time. It is easier for them to stay focused if they are engrossed in what they are making. When a child practice patience, they may be able to make changes to their creation until they are delighted with it.

Developing fine motor skills & benefits

Through physical activity, your kids will learn basic concepts of fine motor skills using a fun dough set. They’ll gain strength in their tiny hands and fingers by making squishy shapes. These activities will also help them learn basic movement patterns used in their future careers. As a result, these muscles will be beneficial in holding a pencil and cutting paper in the future. 

Coordination between the hands & eyes improved

Rolling pins become a challenge to your child’s hand-eye coordination. They must learn how to manipulate the rolling pin to get the dough out of the cookie cutter designed for them. As well as play dough and rolling pins, you also picked up cookie cutters and rolling pins from the DoughReMom online store. Alongside these new tasks is a fun game that improves hand and eye coordination.

Boosts literacy and numeracy

Children come up with new ideas and concepts when they create a creation. It allows them to learn new words such as “squeeze, roll, flatten” and describe their creation. Using an adult’s help, form the dough into letters and shapes by rolling it into a long snake. Playing dough can be measured, mixed, tested, and measured by making it from scratch. Once the kids are involved, the gooey mixture turns into play dough! 

It improves Science Concepts

Besides promoting cognitive development, play clay dough helps children learn early science concepts. Scientists discover materials and how they change as part of a scientific concept. Experiment with different ingredients or add water to make this dough harder, softer, more watery, etc. Mixing and testing with other substances, such as sand and water, is possible.

It Calms Children

The benefits of playing with dough on your mental health are numerous. Kids can get into a flow state and get into the zone when playing this game. It can avoid focus and distractions with this exercise. Besides its therapeutic effects, its texture (squidgy and springy nature) is soothing. You can add different scents, like lavender, to the organic dough to make it more calming. Consider using light green or other cool natural hues.

Conclusion – That’s all there is to say about play dough’s benefits. This resource’s utility makes it challenging to think of another resource that can be applied across the entire curriculum. I hope your clay dough toys turns out well.

Published Date : 7th January 2023

Last Reviewed Date : 7th January 2023

Author Name : Deepti Bhandari

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