Candy Dough by Daiwik – dough toys

329.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Candy Dough by Daiwik – Dough toys


1. The set consists of beautiful candy flaws color

2. Perfumed (can request for no perfume), soft and squishy dough.

3. Made out of ISI marked food ingredients

4. Longer lasting than the most common ones

5. For children of age 1 year 8 month to 7 years old


The Dough combination by DoughReMom dough toys was created by Daiwick and was the winning entry in a children’s day contest. For a period of 2 months, all sales of this product will go to an NGO. By purchasing this product, you can show your support and contribute to helping those in need.

Choose DoughReMom dough toys for your kids to improve their fine motor skills and also to increase their creativity.


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