How Playing With Clay Dough Can Help In Child’s Mental Development

Children learn new skills while playing with clay dough. It isn’t just fun, but also educative. For decades, children have loved playing with the dough sets. It is both fun and academic for children of all ages. Today’s tech-driven world still possesses the charm of this age-old toy. You can make play dough or clay at home or buy it at the store. These games are inexpensive and fun for kids. So, they’re great for slowing down, taking their minds off gadgets, and learning. There is no question that cleaning dried-out dough is time-consuming. But the costs and benefits in no doubt outweigh it. The following are a few advantages of play dough for children. 

When the children play with play dough kit it helps to improve their creative minds. They may develop unique ideas or reproduce ideas they’ve seen. Children of this age group desire to make simple things. For example balls, pizzas, pancakes, etc. In time, they will improve their creative skill as they progress through preschool years. They will produce aircraft, buildings, characters, and so on. Their creative thinking abilities are magnified and channeled with it. And this is an essential life skill that will benefit them in different ways. While playing with play dough, children also develop symbolic thinking skills. It is the process of inventing, making, thinking, and reinventing. And also it allows children to use symbolic thinking. Children can represent their thoughts. They can share it through images, objects, or actions, such as making play dough, etc.

It develops mental abilities among kids 

  • Using play dough, children can crumple it in their hands. Also, they can attach shapes, flatten, stretch, and flatten them. Children’s speech, coordination, memory, and logical reasoning are directly affected by it. This has been medically proven.
  • Children learn patience and perseverance with this activity.
  • Children use new forms of organic dough set, and they also mix colors. By this, they can express their ability to think signifying, abstractly, and logically. 
  • Children can strengthen geometric connections. It can be done by rolling a ball or sausage with two hands. Even It can activate both hemispheres of the brain and promote attention and self-regulation.
  • Insight and creative thinking are developed among them by this. When children play with modeling clay or dough they improve multiple skills.
  • Health and emotional well-being can be enhanced by it. Playing with modeling clay and dough can enhance the mental development in your kids.
  • Children benefit from these exercises. It improves their nervous system, mental state, and emotional state.
  • Exercising regularly improves sleep and reduces anger and excessive activity.
  • Children can express conflict and difference through play if necessary.
  • You can overcome fears with modeling clay dough. It can be done by breaking, crushing, or altering the figures.
  • This sense is linked to a variety of complex internal states. For example excitement, joy, and interest. With this, tactile sensations, color perception, and smell also improved. Children can cope with pain, anger, or anxiety by modeling clay dough.
  • A child’s creation will aid adults in meaning and assessing any emotional or personal issues. A child can get rid of bad moods and relax by creating.
  • In the world of dreamers, creating is a kind of bridge between the world of fantasy and the real world. Glad the imperfection of the existing world helps to accept it.
  • Children’s self-healing resources can be located through modeling clay. This is one of the areas of art therapy used by advisors.
  • Children learn to look at things from a different perspective. Along with that, they can find original solutions through the process of creating some beautiful items.

It helps to enhance the personal development

  • Using this activity, kids can demonstrate their creativity and uniqueness. They can also discover hidden abilities.
  • Shape and color concepts are introduced to children through organic clay or modeling clay. 
  • It allows users to feel the differences between soft and hard, hot and cold, and wet and dry.
  • As a child works with materials that change shape he or she at first gets excited. Then he or she develops self-confidence, importance, and interest.
  • Learning new things and using his skills purposely are hallmarks of a child’s development.
  • Aside from developing basic motor skills, modeling also develops perseverance and accuracy.
  • Using 3D images, children explore the qualities of objects and clarify details.
  • Their visual perception can be trained by observing the world around them.

Developing a child’s sense of beauty plays a critical role in their aesthetic education.

Conclusion – Now just give your kids a chance to be more creative. DoughReMom is with you always with a wide range of Play dough sets.

Published Date : 5th January 2023

Last Reviewed Date : 5th January 2023

Author Name : Deepti Bhandari

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