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The CEO of doughremom with playing dough

This young mother quit her teaching job to launch her own playdough brand

Founded by Deepti Bhandari, Bengaluru-based Dohdough offers eco-friendly, organic, and chemical-free playdoughs for children.

Entrepreneurship is no child’s play – but for some, like young mother Deepti Bhandari, who spent many hours playing with her toddler son, a business idea took shape during play time. Teaching her young son colours and shapes led Deepti to think about safe and non-toxic play materials, which made her launch an organic playdough business, Dohdough, in June 2019. In the same year, she started an activity centre in Bengaluru for children up to 10 years, which operated till March 2020 when the coronavirus-induced lockdowns were imposed. 


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