Know Your Dough


1. Each dough toy pack consists of violet, white, peach, green, & tumeric yellow dough

2. 200gms of dough balls each.

3. Perfumed (can request for no perfume), soft and squishy.

4. Made out of ISI marked food ingredients

5. Longer lasting than the most common ones

6. : For children of age 1 year 8 month to 7 years old


BIO-Doughremom is made from Plant EXTRACTS and is lab-tested and certified taste-safe dough. It comes in a set of 6 colours of 200gms of dough balls each. it is a Perfect Playdate essential as not only does the quantity suffices about 5 more such Playdates but also gives THEM a chance of endless imaginations to bring to life too. Dough balls turned into miniature play prompts. DOUGH RE MOM has immense benefits as it works on fine & gross motor skills, works on sensory stimulation’s (smell, touch and visual), vocabulary and pronunciation, organizing spatial orientation and logical thinking.


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