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Play dough is a favorite of kids of all ages! There are many benefits to playing with it, no matter how you use it! The sensory benefits of this organic doughs are endless! Using it with kids is also a great way to strengthen fine motor skills! Here are ten fine motor activities we love playing with play clay dough! 

Now let us have a look at some important tips for using play dough to develop fine motor skills,-

Some Engaging Play Dough Activities for Your Kid –

  1. Start with a small amount of play dough to avoid over-handling.
  2. Encourage squeezing, pinching, and rolling the dough to strengthen hand muscles.
  3. Use small tools such as plastic utensils or toothpicks to poke and prod the dough, which can help improve dexterity.
  4. Create simple shapes and patterns to improve coordination and control.
  5. Use playdough with different textures and temperatures (such as warm or cold) to provide a diverse sensory experience.
  6. Incorporate different colors to encourage creativity and imagination.
  7. Provide a variety of tasks and activities, such as cutting, molding, and sculpting to keep children engaged and motivated.
  8. Encourage children to use their non-dominant hand to develop bilateral coordination.
  9. Make the playdough activity a fun and positive experience for the child.

Now, Advance Your Motor Sciences By Playing These Fine Motor Activities

  1. Mathematical Dough Activity – This play dough activity incorporates counting and fine motor skills and is fun and easy! The activity is perfect for active preschoolers who are learning to count! 
  2. Sensory Mud Clay Dough – It is really fun to play with this sensory clay dough. In addition to strengthening fine motor skills, it is also great for improving hand and finger strength since old, hard clay dough is used.
  3. Construction Fine Motor Activity – Using construction theme mini figures as search and find the dough, we’re going to explore the world of Construction life. Along with building fun, your kids can learn words like dig, pull, search, loading, and unloading.
  4. Cookie Dough – The idea for this simple invitation to make playing dough cookies was inspired by a children’s book. Whether you’re making cookies with real or play clay dough, all the actions (kneading, rolling, cutting, etc) are great for developing fine motor skills!
  5. Under Water Play Dough Activities – How much does your child enjoy talking about the sea, sea animals, and spending time exploring them? Then this activity will be the best for them. You can create a simple invitation to play by setting out some blue sparkling play dough kit and under water figurines. 

Some More Activities To Improve Fine Motor Skill

Come on, let’s play with some playdough! There are so many options when it comes to building fine motor skills and dexterity with play dough.

  1. Using your thumb and ring or middle finger, roll dough balls.
  2. With marbelled dough rolls of different colors, you can create a rainbow.
  3. Using small animal figures, create a mountainous landscape
  4. Make a biodough doctor set. A stethoscope, capsules, tablets etc.
  5. Create emoji faces with doughnite dough
  6. You can make a clay dough pie with it. Making dough berries is as easy as pinching the crust.
  7. Make letters with the play dough
  8. Make the play dough squishy and messy by mixing in water and then use it to make your desired shape
  9. Make structures out of popsicle sticks. The details can be added with feathers, papers scraps, etc.
  10. Make some delicious ice cream structures with your favorite colored play dough
  11. You can even make beautiful cookies from the play dough by using cookie cutters
  12. Make google eyes out of your dough by pressing them into it
  13. Make playdough buttons by pressing them into it
  14. To make circles with this dough, press straws into it
  15. Make your desired shapes with clay dough by using different kitchen utensils
  16. You can add leaves, pine cones, acorns, and other natural objects to nature sculptures.
  17. With a muffin tin, you can make dough muffins
  18. Playdough birthday cakes can be made using candles, pipe cleaners, and craft sticks

Conclusion – DoughReMom brings a wide range of different organic play dough set for your kids. Now make your kid’s play time more creative, funfill and engaging with these dough.

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