Set of 3- Bundle 1 – Multi Color Dough Kit

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Set of 3- Bundle 1

Know Your Dough


1. Certified taste-safe and multi-colour dough kits which consists Playdough balls weighing 200gms each color.

2. Longer lasting than the most common ones.

3. Perfumed, vibrant and lab tested (can be customized as non-perfumed)

4. A combination of playdough colors

5. Perfumed, vibrant and lab tested

6. For children of age 1 year 8 month to 7 years old



Children will enjoy exploring and playing in this exciting and fun environment created by perfumed, vibrant clay dough colors. Parents can feel reassured about its safety and potency because it is certified taste-safe and made with ISI-marked ingredients. Durability and usability are also enhanced by the 200g weight per ball and the longer lasting formula. Colors can be customized for different play scenarios based on the versatility of bringing all the colors or just selected ones. DoughReMom makes multi color dough kit for your kids for multi purpose uses.


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