The Multi-Sensory play dough set

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The Multi-Sensory play dough set


1. This playdough set consists of 5 colored dough (150 gm each)
2. Child-safe scissor
3. 21 cutting practice sheets
4. 2 wooden stamps, 3 play mats
5. Rolling pin and An exclusive pdf guide on how to use
6. Instructions card, Paper, and a Laminated play box to play in/on for children age of age 3-7years old



The Tropical Themed Play Dough Set is a multi-sensory educational kit that includes five colors of play dough and a child-safe scissor for cutting practice. The kit also includes 21 cutting pattern practice sheets, wooden stamps, and games like Sudoku and Tic-tac-toe to sharpen logical thinking. There is also an activity card for practicing feeling vocabulary. This kit is designed to help children develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and emotional intelligence.


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