Christ Birth Kit – organic clay

1,325.00 Inclusive of all taxes

Christ Birth Kit – Organic clay


1. 400gms of Dough in Red, Green, Brown and White regarding Christ birth scene

2.Β For children age of age 3-7years old

3. Perfumed (can request for no perfume), soft and squishy dough.

4. Made out of ISI marked food ingredients

5. Longer lasting than the most common ones



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1,325.00 Inclusive of all taxes

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Looking for a fun, educational, and safe Christmas gift for your child? Try the Christmas Kit with organic clay, which contains 400 grams of red, green, brown, and white dough and all the props needed to recreate the Nativity scene (13 pieces). It also includes a guide with 5 engaging activities to learn all about Christmas.
π‚π‘π«π’π¬π­π¦πšπ¬ 𝐊𝐒𝐭 contains

  • There are 400 grams of red, green, brown, and white play dough to choose from.
  • A total of 13 props are needed to set up the Christ birth scene
  • The Turn Ten Folder contains 5 activities related to Christmas.


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