Ice-cream & cake: THE CELEBRATION Play Kit


Ice Cream & Cake Play Kit

Know Your Dough


1. This kids play kit consists of  3 coloured dough (150 gm each)
2. 15 play prompts like mini cookie cutters, silicone cups, candles etc
3. Rolling pin
4. Instructions card, Paper and a
5. Laminated play box to play in/on for children age of age 3-7years old




The ice-cream and cake is one of are coolest creation. Its all your child needs to have if he or she like to help you bake or even if the thought about cake and ice-creams brings a shine and widens their eyes. With 150 gms each of rose flavored PINK, vanilla flavored WHITE and chocolate flavored BROWN Dohdough with sundae glass, cupcake lines mini cookie cutters, cones and popsicles the creations are unlimited. OH, did you say decorative yes those too are included to give their icings a perfect touch and celebrated with candles and confetti.


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