The Rainbow Kit


The Rainbow Kit

Know Your Dough


1. The dough hampers consist of 7 colored dough (100 gm each)
2. 12 craft wires
3. A dice
4. A play sheet printed on both the sides
5. 6 colored wooden peg dolls
6. 2 wooden stamps
7. Rolling pin
8. Instructions card,
9. Laminated play box to play in/on for 1 year to 3 years old


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As, the name suggests this kit contains 100 gms of each rainbow color dough clay along with some exciting play prompts. This kit has 6 wooden pegs to make them do color sorting and matching activity as well as wooden stamps to press and get the impression on the dough. This box has game cards and dice along with craft wires and beads for beading activity for a full Bumper Play of Fine motor skill. This kit is one perfect gift too for a 3 year old for an entire fine development program.


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