The Jurassic Park- Dinosaur Play dough Kits

1,175.00 Inclusive of all taxes

The Jurassic Park- Dinosaur Play dough kit


1. This consists of 3 Colored doughs (150 grams each) in your play dough kits
2. 10 Dinosaur themed play prompts
3. A rolling pin
4. Instructions card, paper
5. Laminated play box to play in/on for children 3 to 5 years


The Jurassic Park Play Dough kit is designed for children who love dinosaurs and provides them with a way to create their own dinosaur world. This kit includes dinosaurs, logs, rocks, trees, and eggs, and can be used to inspire imaginative play and storytelling. It’s a great opportunity for children to learn about different types of dinosaurs, the concept of fossils, and the history of extinction. The kit can help foster a love for history and a better understanding of how to take care of living things.


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