Insect Kit – play clay

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Insect Kit – play clay


1.Beautiful multicolored play dough set

2. Comes with  500 grams of dough, a tong, magnifying glass and about 10 insects to pretend play with.

3. Your child will learn the names create a garden and even play match the imprints.

4. For children age of age 3-7years old


The Insect kit by DoughReMom is designed for children who are fascinated with creepy crawlies. With this kit, they can learn the names of insects, create a garden, and play match the imprints. The kit includes play clay, a tong, a magnifying glass, and 10 insects for imaginative play. This kit allows children to play and learn about insects in a safe and controlled environment, without the risk of being stung. It’s a great way for children to overcome their fears and develop their curiosity about the world around them.


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