Shapes and Colour Mixing Play Kit

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Shapes and Colour Mixing Play Kit

Know Your Dough


1. This clay dough set contains 5 Colored dough (100 gm each), 12 shapes stamps or cutters, A rolling pin, instructions card, paper and a, Laminated play box to play in/on.

2. The basic kit for a toddler of 2+year old

3. Helps toddlers to make them understand the basic colors and the mix of colors

4. For children age of age 1.8 years to 3year old


A popular option for a clay dough set for a 2+ year old is Play-Doh. It comes in a variety of colors and can be used for molding and shaping, as well as creating different colors by mixing. Other similar kits that offer similar experiences include Sago Mini Dough, Kinetic Sand, and Colored Modeling Clay Dough Set.


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