Christmas Play kit – clay dough art

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What better than setting up the Christmas setup for the little ones story exploration. So much can be taught and learned.
When we saw the interest of little ones to do Christmas decorations etc .
we were thrilled to make this one. Simple set ups for both adult and child and a lot of decor could be achieved by using the dough.

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🪔 Introducing our exclusive Christmas Kit 🎉! It’s not your regular Christmas tree affair, but a modern take on the festival with a twist of nostalgia. 🌈
Let’s bring back the joy of Christmas and the excitement of beautiful colours. 🧵
Our kit includes
⭐4 vibrant colors of 100gms play dough
⭐2 play dough Christmas cutters
⭐ Christmas decoration promots.
🎁 Join us in celebrating the essence of Christmas, evolving with love and tradition. 🌟
Get yours now for just 875/- including GST and shipping. 🛍️


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