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Founder Name: Deepti Bhandari

What They Offer: Handmade, single coloured playdough sets of 3 or 10 or various kinds of themes like rainbow, astronaut or ice-cream and cakes.

TC46 Loves: Deepti, the brand’s founder and the jack of all trades at Dohdough was always passionate about teaching. It has been her first love and she runs a kids activity centre in Bangalore. In the past, she used playdough for a few activities until she realised most of the products in the market were filled with chemicals. That’s when Deepti started making her own play-dough. For the last 4 years, she has been hand-making Dohdough for her son, friends and family. With their encouragement, she started selling this for other parents who like me don’t want their little ones to be surrounded by unknown chemicals. It is a great hit among parents of young toddlers who don’t have the time to make it for their kids. Dohdough comes in cardboard boxes. What started as simplifying selling playdough turned into theme kits. Recently, she launched all-natural playdough with plant extract colours which truly marks that there are endless possibilities with Dohdough around.

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