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LBB Top 10 Business Moms

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We were so excited to see the amazing response we got from our Top 30 Business Moms, sending us the most kickass pitch decks❤️🔥 Here's to all you moms giving flight to your dreams! More power to you💯 To the ones who didn't make it, thank you for being a part of this campaign and taking out the time to participate!

Passion Connect

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“While I effortlessly went on helping my friends and cousins understand concepts, I fell in love with teaching. My desire to become a teacher was further consolidated when I began teaching my husband biochemistry for his MDS final papers.

Your Story

The CEO of doughremom with playing dough
Entrepreneurship is no child’s play - but for some, like young mother Deepti Bhandari, who spent many hours playing with her toddler son, a business idea took shape during play time.

Vocal for local

Deepti, the brand’s founder and the jack of all trades at Dohdough was always passionate about teaching. It has been her first love and she runs a kids activity centre in Bangalore.