Neon Dreams DoughReMom Playing Dough Pack

600.00 Inclusive of all taxes

This exciting Pack consists of 3 resealable, reusable pouches of 100 grams of 3 vibrant neon colors – Pink, Orange, and Yellow just at Rs.600/-(includes Shipping)

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The Doughs are made of Flour, Salt, Oil, Water, and Bakery products like food colors, etc.
These pouches are 100% Phthalate Free and are made with a very consciously reduced percentage of plastic when compared to the most common ones in the market.
They can be easily sorted for further recycling.

Key Features:
🌈 Three Dazzling Colors: Pink, Orange, Yellow
🎨 Stimulate Creativity: Let your imagination run wild!
💰 Affordable Price: Just Rs. 600/- (Shipping included)

Why Choose Our Neon Color Play Dough?
🌟 Vibrant Glow: Watch your creations come to life with a radiant neon glow.
🧁 Safe and Non-toxic: Our play dough is made from high-quality, child-friendly materials.
🎁 Perfect Gift Idea: Surprise your loved ones with this colorful delight.

Ordering is simple and hassle-free! Get your Neon Color Play Dough set today and dive into a world of vivid possibilities! 🚀


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