The Perfect Tester [50gms*4]

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  • This Pack consists of 3 resealable, reusable pouches of 50 grams of Blue, Green, Red and Yellow.
  • The Doughs are made of Flour, Salt, Oil, Water, and Bakery products like food colours, etc.
  • These pouches are 100% Phthalate Free and are made with a very consciously reduced percentage of plastic when compared to the most common ones in the market.
  • They can be easily sorted for further recycling.
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Age– 2+ years


Key Features

Mini Size: The set includes 50 grams of dough in four vibrant colors, making it the perfect size for portable and on-the-go play. High-Quality Dough: The dough is made from high-quality, non-toxic ingredients, ensuring a safe and worry-free play experience for children.

Vibrant Colors: The set features four vibrant colors that are visually stimulating and encourage creativity in children.

Wooden Rolling Pin: The set includes a wooden rolling pin that is perfectly sized for little hands, allowing children to flatten and shape the dough easily.

Two Stamps: The set also includes two delightful stamps with fun shapes and patterns, providing children with additional creative possibilities and texture exploration.


What I will GetThis pack includes 4 colors of 50 grams of each Dough, a rolling pin, and two shapes of wooden stamps.


Play Possibilities & Learning

With the Mini Creations DoughReMom Dough Set, children can explore a wide range of play possibilities. Here are some ideas to inspire their creativity:

Sculpting and Modeling

Texture Exploration

Color Mixing

Sensory Play

Storytelling and Role-Playing

Fine Motor Skills Development:

Collaborative Play

Artistic Expression

The Perfect Dough Tester DoughReMom Dough Set offers endless possibilities for imaginative and hands-on play. It promotes creativity, fine motor skills, sensory exploration, and social interaction, providing a well-rounded and engaging play experience for children.


Materials– Doughs are made from safe ingredients like Flour, Salt, Oil, Water, and Bakery products with food colors. Our 100% Phthalate-Free pouches have a consciously reduced plastic content and can be easily recycled. The wooden stamps and rolling pins are artisan-crafted from milkwood, approved by makers and users alike. Enjoy eco-friendly play with quality materials and support sustainable practices.


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