Rainbow Fusion DoughReMom Pack- all ten colours [100gms*10]

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Rainbow Fusion DoughReMom Pack- all ten colors

This name captures the vibrant and diverse range of colors in the set.

“Rainbow” represents the full spectrum of colors, symbolizing the variety and joy of creative play.

“Fusion” signifies the coming together of different colors, encouraging imaginative combinations and endless possibilities.

Enjoy the colorful journey with the Rainbow Fusion DoughReMom Dough Collection!

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Age– 2+ years


Key Features

*Vibrant Colours- All Ten bright colors

*Quantity- Experience abundant playtime with generous 100 grams portions per color, surpassing the smaller quantities found in regular store-bought options for the same or more price. 

*Chemical Free-Made from non-toxic ingredients, including bakery ingredients, ensures a safe play experience.

*Soft and Malleable-allowing kids to easily shape and mold it into various designs. 

*Long-Lasting-can be enjoyed for multiple play sessions without drying out quickly. If needed, it can be rehydrated with a few drops of hot water

Child-Friendly Packaging: The child-friendly packaging comes in pouches, making storage and access convenient for ongoing playtime fun.


What I will GetThis Pack consists of 3 resealable, reusable pouches of 100 gms of all 10 colors.


Play Possibilities & Learning

With a set of 10 colors of DoughReMom Dough, the play possibilities are endless! Children can engage in a variety of activities and explore their creativity. They can:

Create Colorful Landscapes: Sculpt green meadows, blue oceans, brown mountains, and yellow sunshine to craft vibrant and imaginative landscapes.

Build Colorful Structures: Mold red houses, orange towers, pink castles, and purple bridges, allowing their architectural skills to shine.

Craft Colorful Creatures: Shape yellow ducks, black cats, white polar bears, and gray elephants, bringing a menagerie of animals to life.

Mix and Blend Colors: Experiment with color mixing to create new shades and hues. Let them combine colors to make unique and personalized DoughReMom Dough creations.

Learn Color Recognition: Use diverse colors to teach children about color recognition and help them identify and name different shades.

Play Color Sorting Games: Encourage children to sort the DoughReMom Dough by color, promoting early math skills and categorization abilities.

Sculpt Colorful Food Items: Mold purple grapes, brown chocolate bars, orange carrots, and green apples, inspiring imaginary culinary adventures.

Make Colorful Patterns: Roll out ropes of different colors and arrange them in patterns such as stripes, polka dots, or zigzags, fostering pattern recognition skills.

Engage in Sensory Play: The soft and pliable texture of the DoughReMom Dough provides a sensory experience that can stimulate touch, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination.

Foster Storytelling and Pretend Play: Let children create characters, scenes, and props with various colors, encouraging imaginative storytelling and role-playing.


Materials– The Doughs are made of Flour, Salt, Oil, Water, and Bakery products like food colors, etc. These pouches are 100% Phthalate Free and are made with a very consciously reduced percentage of plastic when compared to the most common ones in the market. They can be easily sorted for further recycling.


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