Space Dough Mat – play dough mats

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Space Dough Mat – Play dough mats


1.These are food grade dining mats which has a long life

2. The dimensions are 60*30 cm which is the size of two dining mats put together.

3. The star score of the play dough mats are PERSONALISED with your child’s name

4. Dough has oil in it and the oil mark is left on the floor or on the table where the child plays and makes it messy.

5. For children of age 1 year 8 month to 7 years old

Additionally, the personalized nature of the mat makes it a unique and special item for the child, making their play time more enjoyable and exciting. The theme-specific illustrations and creative engagement on the mat also help to spark the child’s imagination and encourage them to explore and play in new ways. Overall, the Dough Mat is a great addition to any dough play kit, providing a clean and designated area for play while also adding an extra level of fun and engagement for the child. DoughReMom play dough mats make your kid’s play time with play dough is more easier and fun full.


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