Farm Dough Mat – clay dough tools

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Farm Dough Mat – clay dough tools


1.Beautiful farm theme dough mats which are the best clay dough tools and are food grade with a long life

2. The dimensions are 60*30 cm which is the size of two dining mats put together.

3. The star score of the mat is PERSONALISED with your child’s name

4. It’s absolute necessary when it comes to playing with the dough

5. For children of age 1 year 8 month to 7 years old

This description of the Dough Mat highlights the benefits of having a designated surface for playing with dough clay. The mat is made of food grade materials, has a long lifespan, and is large enough to accommodate play. The personalization of the mat with a child’s name helps to make it feel like their own and encourages them to use it. The front of the mat features a theme-specific illustration and the back has creative prompts to inspire play. DoughReMom dough tools are the best pair for your favorite play dough toys.

Dimensions 30 × 60 cm

Farm Pla(ce)ys Mat
Underwater Pla(ce)ys Mat
Circus Pla(ce)ys Mat
Space Pla(ce)ys Mat
Unicorn Pla(ce)ys Mat
Dinosaur Pla(ce)ys Mat
Bakery Pla(ce)ys Mat


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