Doughling Pins – dough tools

Doughling Pins – Dough Tools


1. 3 Patterned Rolling pins- made from Carefully Sourced Wood is the best dough tool.

2. It is a must-have for your child’s playroom collection

3. The Size is apt for little hands For Making different flattened things

4. For children of age 1 year 8 months to 7 years old




An exquisite Indian Handmade set of Doughling (Rolling dough tools) pins which is a must-have for your child’s playroom collection. The Size is apt for the little hands For Making Chapatis to Waffles from Plain roads, to bumpy roads to tracks it is a complete set of Rolling pins (dough tools) for them to make anything and everything.

3 Patterned Rolling pins – made from Carefully Sourced Wood.

  • Do not use it in the dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, or oven.
  • As far as possible just wipe dry with a wet cloth. If required, light quick gentle soap wash.
  • Do not expose to extreme heat (e.g. hot water).
  • Do not soak at all. Coat with olive oil or other food-safe oil after every 3 to 5 washes.
  • Let it completely dry before storing it.


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