DoughReMom and Benefits

Doughremom’s Dough is safe, non-toxic and 100% taste-safe for kids, not only that but its also lab tested and certified as well. This is fun with young children and adults. The very feel of it being soft, smooth and
non-sticky wins the first sensory touch and gives it a go ahead with kids and adults alike. But all said and done why should this be used? How does it help?

When this child pokes, punches, pinches, tears, rolls the clay a lot of muscles are being used. That’s the first and far most important important benefit out of it. These are the same muscles which as he grows will help him point, write, cut, eat, pick and push (the buttons). These are the fine motor skills which are developed and strengthened.

While playing with Doughremom they are having a lot of thoughts running in their mind. They are imagining what they will make, what colours they would use, how would they shape and how will they place. So, now you imagine the amount of concentration its building and how they are going to use all of this and execute their thoughts. With all of this their is reduce use of screens and now are productively using their eyes as well hands together to put up a scene/item of their imagination. Their eye-hand co-ordination and concentration is at a positive use here.

We had given a group of children a task to make a garden set-up with Doughremom and we were amazed to see the creativity they bought to it. The garden not only had variety of flowers but they made snails, butterflies, a small hut a kennel and a beautiful bench. All this by 3-6 year old’s. This hands down proves how it helps in bringing out the creativity of the child.

Coming to the Vocabulary. Not only the child picks up new words while playing with the dough but as parents we too can add so much to this to increase their library of words. Like literally you can put words into their mouth. Now as you read these imagine you are using these words with a 2 year old while he is with the Dough-Pick this, keep this, mix this, the colour is vibrant, its so soothing, what a beautiful cup, hey I thought that was difficult, dig into this, flatten this, thats a square. Could you imagine the amount of teaching that would happen along the way. Like this their VOCABULARY is deepened and broadened.

The list of benefits can be more but would like to highlight one last one from my end and that would be that it is THERAPEUTIC. The very nature of it being malleable, squishy, squashy, and it becomes what ever you want it to be gives so much of calmness & satisfaction from within and that is the whole reason why it is loved equally by children as well as adults.

I hope this was just enough for you to begin with you Playing with the Dough Journey. Get started now and find more benefits as you play with it along with your kids. Yes, you caught it right this also gives you Ample Parent-child time or you could choose to get just me-time tooo!!

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