The Wholesome Stuffer Combo – playdough toys

899.00 Inclusive of all taxes

The Wholesome Stuffer Combo – Playdough toys


1. Our designer dough boxes will be accompanied by one rolling pin, one assorted Christmas themed cutter and a window gel cling sticker (assorted) 

2. For children age of age 3-7years old

3. Perfumed (can request for no perfume), soft and squishy dough.

4. Made out of ISI marked food ingredients

5. Longer lasting than the most common ones

compact stuffer play dough kit

899.00 Inclusive of all taxes

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The level 2 stuffer boxes include a designer playdough toys box with a rolling pin, a Christmas-themed cutter, and an assorted window gel cling sticker. The combo is called the Wholesome Combo and provides a complete Christmas gift experience. Choose DoghReMom playdough toys for your kids.


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