Play Dough Number Kits

Play Dough Number Kit


1. You will get 400 grams of Doughremom, 10 number cutters, and 4 arithmetic operations cutters in your play dough kit.

2. bar rods to count, 20 linking cubes 6-3D shapes in Styrofoam

3. 5-2D shapes in wood and lots of fun and learning guaranteed.

4. For children age of age 3-7years old



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If you are searching for some kit, or a box to start your number journey with your little one then your search ends here. Our number kit can cover anything under the sun to help start the journey of your little one in the Number World.

From number sense to arithmetic operations, to number bonds to fractions to shapes to measurement. We have added everything in one single box. Go grab one now our special play dough kit!


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